Wednesday, December 30, 2009

last post of '09

i hope you all had a lovely christmas. mine was filled with lots of family, food & board games (who knew yatzee could be so much fun?). it was a really busy time, but i loved every minute of it.

now it's back to business. i will have quite a bit of new items i will be listing in my shop shortly. here's a sneak peak. there are some shakers, canisters, mixing bowls, a vintage radio & more!

have a happy new year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

fire king swirl

one of my favorite fire king designs is the swirl. it is a simple, yet fun pattern. the design was made by Fire King from 1949 - 1951 in a variety of colors: azurite, ivory, pink, luster (orange), pastel edge and jadite (very rare!). the pink and azurite are my favorites.

recently i acquired an azurite creamer & sugar bowl set. they are so cute and delicate. check them out here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

vintage radio

i've been looking for a fun vintage radio for my office, so i went on ebay and found this radio. it's a beautiful bakelite radio in a jadite green color. it is such a neat design... and then i looked at the price. it still has 4 days left in the auction and it's already over $6,500.00!

Monday, December 7, 2009

real christmas, real giving

for as much as i love christmas, and don't think gifts are a bad thing, this video was very moving. it's easy to lose sight of what the holiday is all about. i hope this impacts you as much as it did me.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

christmas esty favs

it's that time of year again! take a look my favorite things for christmas:

vintage plastic sign from kitschcafe

lip tint from FlourishBathBody (would be a great stocking stuffer)

10 winter cheer cards by sarahjanestudios

one dozen snowflake cookes by cakeboxcookies

scarlet bow clutch by DavieandChiyo

adorable red plaid bear (eco-friendly) from stichface (wish i had kids to buy this for!)

beautiful green eucalyptus & berry wreath by theferngate

Thursday, November 26, 2009


thanksgiving is a holiday filled of my favorite things: family, food & fun. we spent the morning with my parents and sister, watching the philly parade (my cousin is elmo), eating and playing scatagories. then we waddled out the door and to my husband's parents' house. thanksgiving to their family is more than just a holiday, it's a reunion. about 40+ people fit into their house for more food, games & fellowship.

after such a great day, i am truly thankful for the all of the blessings i have:
a wonderful husband,
a great family,
caring friends,
abundant food,
work & my husband's business,
a car,
a house,
freedom of speech & religion,
and a wonderful God who is the Giver of all things.

i hope your thanksgiving was truly blessed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

goodwill, great husband

thrift stores are highly underrated. one of my regular spots to look for vintage glass is my local goodwill. on my last visit i found this beautiful robin's-egg-blue vase. it has some small paint chips on one one side near the base, but i figure i will just turn that side towards the wall so no one will know about it (except you of course).

to make this purchase even better, my husband came home with flowers that night. he's great.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

can't get enough canisters

one of my favorite things to collect other than jadite (but can also be jadite) is canisters. here are some i have in my kitchen. some are on display, while others are used everyday.

the jadite canister above i am saving to use in my next house (which will have green accents in the kitchen). it was made my McKee and has a beautiful script label... this is very rare. usually the label is in a capital serif font. the other thing i love about this canister is that i bought it on ebay for $39 and it's worth $160 - $175!

Jeannette also made great square and round jadite canisters that are popular right now. they are really pricey, but well worth the investment.

the trio above was given to me by my mother when i moved into my first apartment. they are reproductions of antique enamel canisters that came in a variety of colors. since my current kitchen is decorated in red, blue & white, they are perfect. they sit on my countertop i use them everyday.

the two canisters above were made by kreamer. i don't know too much about the company, but i love the design. the art deco lettering is vertically aligned, which is unusual for most canisters. they each have bakelite handes so you can open the hinged lids. i haven't been able to find too many canisters like this, so i assume they are fairly rare. there is a similar set of these in my shop here.

last but certainly not least, is my set of kromex turquoise canisters. i LOVE these! it took me quite a while to get this whole set, but i am so glad i did. they are spun aluminum with plastic-like lids. these lids were prone to cracks and stains, but this set is near perfect. there is one canister that i am missing - the cookie container - so if you find one, please let me know! i will have a few canisters like these available in my store soon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

thanksgiving etsy favs

thanksgiving is right around the corner... here are some of my etsy favorites:

beautiful centerpieces for your table by floresdelsol

"instant thanksgiving" (includes stuffing, cranberry sauce & more... a great gift to send to those loved ones who can't make it for t-day this year!) by quickits

don't have time to bake? try turkey cookies by somethingsweetshoppe

beautiful autumn gift tags by frenchcountry

cute orange acorns by fairyfolk

Friday, October 23, 2009

office remodel

since i am now spending more time at home, i have decided to remodel/organize my office. it's been the "catch all" room since i moved in a year and a half ago. i can't find my furniture or my floor under piles of papers and art supplies. it's pretty hard to work when you can't find the desk. i am hoping to reorganize and decorate with some of my beloved jadite here and there. stay tuned for photos.

on a side note: since it's getting to be time for christmas shopping, JaditeKate is giving out a free gift with etsy orders! just type the word "christmas" in the comments box at check out and you will get that little gift.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

turquoise vs. delphite

a blogger had left me a question a while back that i thought i would answer in a new blog post. the question was, "what's the difference between Fire King's Turquoise and delphite?"

Fire King's blue glass is called Turquoise. it is a robin's egg blue color (see photo of bowls). they made this in one style, which is very plain.

Fire King also made a lighter blue-colored glass called Azurite. it is a very pale blue that almost looks white like milk glass. this glass came in 2 designs: charm (like the teacup below) and swirl.

other glass companies like McKee and Jeannette had a blue that was more of a medium purplish-blue. that is called delphite. milkglassvintage has a great example of a delphite reamer in their shop (below).

i quit my day job

yes, you read that correctly.

it was my first job out of college: working in the direct marketing branch of a massive communications firm. everyday i had an 2 hour commute, and 8 hours of sitting behind a desk in a very loud office that was practically next to the million dollar printing presses. so 3 years, 2 moves, and 1 husband later, i decided it was time for a change... i will now be working part time at my husband's office and doing etsy and freelance graphic design on the side. oh, and i am opening another etsy store soon! stay tuned for details.

quitting your day job can be scary, but with confidence, goals and a little faith, you can do it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

etsy october/fall favs

here's a list of etsy goodies that are perfect for fall:

fall assortment by cakeboxcookies

pumpkin pie fudge with graham cracker crust by joannesweet

halloween delight modelling beeswax bits by twinkleofmyeye

10 inch beeswax standard taper by onehoney... i heart beeswax!

pleated gold pillow by bstudio

pumpkin patch soap (on SALE) by bluemoutainsoaps... made right here in allentown, pa

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

chili vs. breakfast

one thing i am super picky about is labeling. when i list an item in my shop i try to have the most accurate name and description of it. usually i look in my reference books or research the piece online. i also try to include measurements so buyers know exactly what they are purchasing.

one of the biggest mistake i see on ebay, etsy and other online stores is mislabeled bowls. Fire King made a variety of bowls, in different shapes and colors. the most popular is the chili bowl (featured below). it's 5" in diameter and has a small "pedestal" on the bottom.

one of the more rare Fire King bowls is the breakfast bowl (featured below). it is about the same diameter as the chili bowl, but it does not have the pedestal, giving it a smooth profile. some of these bowls have designs on them, like this one which is for sale on ebay. the other big difference between these bowls is the price. chili bowls are about $15, whereas breakfast bowls are $60 or more depending on the color and condition.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

harold & jane

jadite is such a pretty color of green... so why not wear it? i had theresa of the etsy shop "harold & jane" create a one of a kind beaded necklace for me. she used a vintage chain and lucite beads in beautiful shades of green and cream. it is spectacular - definitely one of my favorite jewelry pieces. and theresa is a doll! she is such a great vender to work with. check out her shop when she gets back from vaca.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

bucks county antique gallery

one of my favorite places to shop on my lunch break is bucks county antique gallery. it is literally 5 minutes from where i work, so i stop in about once a week. it is a MASSIVE building that looks like an old barn, nestled in bucks county, pennsylvania... about an half hour north of philadelphia. the shop has a wide assortment of antiques: from furniture to linens, to glassware and vintage jewelry. they had a huge selection of milk glass and a few jadite pieces as well. here are a few photos.

Monday, September 7, 2009

september etsy favs

i can't believe it's september already! august FLEW by. i am somewhat sad that summer is almost gone, but i love fall so i am excited for cool weather, wearing sweaters and bonfires at my in-laws house. here are my etsy favs for september:

sea foam and sparrow necklace by lulaboutique's

personalized card set by stellaandhodge's

vintage green moderntone shakers from sadieolive

pom kit by pomlove

vintage typewriter from gizmos

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

dream kitchen

even though we moved into our townhouse a little more than a year ago, i am already dreaming of my new kitchen in my next house. i want to go with a jadite and cream color scheme... something like this:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

glassware, labels and boxes... oh my!

on last weeks' trip to weils, i found another Anchor Hocking milk glass devil egg plate... with original label and box! i get super excited when labels are still attached to glassware, but a box too?! that made be smile all day. even though they are just bits of paper, they bring great value to a glass piece. it tells that the piece was never used, but was packed away and kept in mint condition for over 50 years. that's a pretty amazing feat! this item is now available in my shop.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

august esty favs

here are some of my favorite etsy items:

jadite earrings by PetitOiseau (and yes, i had to buy a pair)

jadite mixer vector clip art by Idrambol (of philly!)

necklace by minusOne

retro rotary phone by atomic509

"8x8 macaroons" by f2images