Saturday, July 25, 2009

the beautiful designs

as promised, this entry is about the various designs of jadite that Fire King produced.

Restaurant Ware: was manufactured from 1948-1974 and is known for its durability. it was used by dinners and restaurants because it was cheap, easy to wash, and twice as thick as other jadite made by Fire King. these pieces are pretty much indestructible. after Fire King introduced this line it quickly became their top seller and longest running design. since so much was produced, it is ideal for collecting... and the prices are still relatively low compared to other jadite designs. look for a Fire King stamp on the bottom. my favorites in this pattern are the cup & saucer (photo above) and the d-handle mugs.

Jane Ray: this pattern was introduced in 1945 and has be come an affordable, yet beautiful, jadite to collect. most pieces you can get for under $25 on ebay or at antique stores. Jane Ray is easy to identify due to its vertical ribbed pattern. it is a delicate glass - not as thick as Restaurant Ware - so it has a nice opaqueness, which gives the green color some depth. these pieces were either marked on the bottom with a Fire King stamp or a bulls-eye pattern.

Alice: this is becoming a rare jadite to collect due to the fact that Fire King did not produce much of it. in 1945 Fire King made this pattern for Quaker Oats, who put the glass pieces in the bottom of their product boxes. Alice is easily identified by its small floral design around the rim of the cup, saucer and plate. those are the only pieces produced in this pattern. plates are extremely hard to find. each piece should either have a Fire King stamp or bulls-eye pattern on the bottom.

Charm: my favorite jadite by Fire King! it was produced in the 1950s in a variety of colors, not just jadite. it's identified by it's square shape. this makes it an instant favorite today - it's antique, but it looks so modern. this has caused this pattern to be very popular and rare. not many of this pattern were given the Fire King stamp, but they all (but cups) had a "ray" pattern on the bottoms. the pieces that are stamped are extremely rare and double the price of and unmarked piece.

some other great Fire King jadite pieces are st. denis, shell and swirl.


  1. My favorite pattern is the restaurant ware! I do like charm too. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

  2. great information. thank you!

  3. I'm in love with the charm! I would love to start collecting it.

  4. What a lovely custom imprinted drink-ware. That is the best design I've ever seen and a darn good tutorial to top it off. Thank you. That is the best design I've ever seen and a darn good tutorial to top it off. Thank you.