Monday, July 20, 2009

history 101

jadite has a rich history. it was manufactured in the 1900s by several united states companies; each having their own style, opacity and shade of green. the glass was known by several names: "jadite", "jadeite" (Jeannette, Fire King), "skokie green" (McKee), "green clambroth", and "jade green" (Fenton). i call it "jadite" without the "e" in the middle... just because.

Jeannette Glass Company made jadite popular in the 1930s. they are most famous for shakers, bowls, and kitchen canisters. the most well known manufacturer of jadite was Anchor Hocking. it's Fire King line displayed various designs of jadite, such as "jane ray", "alice", "restaurant ware" and "charm" (my personal favorite). i will share more details about each style in my next blog.

jadite's green color and durability makes it attractive for every day use, and also for collecting. martha stewart has displayed has her own (massive) collection on her show, which has skyrocketed the price. jadite was originally sold for pennies or given out for free!

if you have your own jadite collection, or are just starting one, be wary of reproductions. a few asian companies and an american company, Mosser, creates jadite knock-offs. even martha has her own line of reproductions. here is a great link explaining the difference between authentic jadite and reproductions.

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