Thursday, July 9, 2009

treasure hunt

i love "the hunt" of antiquing. i know what i am looking for, and it's like discovering buried treasure when i find it.

this week i have off from work so i went to one of my favorite places: weil's antique center. it was an old clock factory that was converted into an antique store full of shops from various vendors. on saturdays they also have an outdoor flea market that is full of great finds. come early though, it gets packed and parking is worse than nyc on new year's eve.

inside weil's there is a shop i call, "glassware heaven". it has everything: pink, cobalt blue, delphite, ambers, greens and jadite. above is a photo of their jadite selection. starting on the left, there are some Fire King Resturant Ware platters, Anchor Hocking Shell salad bowls, a Jeannette loop handle reamer (juicer), and a Fire King batter bowl.

another great find was this set of green fired-on shakers by Anchor Hocking. "fired-on" means that the glass (usually clear or milk glass) was painted. cathy & gene florence's book, "kitchen glassware of the depression years" (seventh edition) prices the salt or pepper as $40-$43 each, and the flour as $60-$70!

if you have a glassware collection, or are thinking about starting one, i highly recommend that book. it has been extrememly useful for me.


  1. So glad I found your blog. I love Jadite as well! I have a small collection that was passed down from my great-grandmother (and a few pieces I bought for myself). I'm in the process of moving, but once I am settled and put it out again, I will take pics and post on my blog.

    Most of my pieces are McKee because the factory was near where my family is from (Pittsburgh). I now live in NC and can find lots of Fire King, but rarely any McKee.

  2. I just got a batter bowl from my mother-in-law. It was her mom' cool! I just requested that book from the library, I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Hi Kate! Love your finds already. Your Etsy shop rocks. I too, love Jadeite but it's so hard to find sometimes! I used to live in A-town too and it's vintage heaven. I miss it. Have fun with your healthy obsession!