Wednesday, September 30, 2009

chili vs. breakfast

one thing i am super picky about is labeling. when i list an item in my shop i try to have the most accurate name and description of it. usually i look in my reference books or research the piece online. i also try to include measurements so buyers know exactly what they are purchasing.

one of the biggest mistake i see on ebay, etsy and other online stores is mislabeled bowls. Fire King made a variety of bowls, in different shapes and colors. the most popular is the chili bowl (featured below). it's 5" in diameter and has a small "pedestal" on the bottom.

one of the more rare Fire King bowls is the breakfast bowl (featured below). it is about the same diameter as the chili bowl, but it does not have the pedestal, giving it a smooth profile. some of these bowls have designs on them, like this one which is for sale on ebay. the other big difference between these bowls is the price. chili bowls are about $15, whereas breakfast bowls are $60 or more depending on the color and condition.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

harold & jane

jadite is such a pretty color of green... so why not wear it? i had theresa of the etsy shop "harold & jane" create a one of a kind beaded necklace for me. she used a vintage chain and lucite beads in beautiful shades of green and cream. it is spectacular - definitely one of my favorite jewelry pieces. and theresa is a doll! she is such a great vender to work with. check out her shop when she gets back from vaca.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

bucks county antique gallery

one of my favorite places to shop on my lunch break is bucks county antique gallery. it is literally 5 minutes from where i work, so i stop in about once a week. it is a MASSIVE building that looks like an old barn, nestled in bucks county, pennsylvania... about an half hour north of philadelphia. the shop has a wide assortment of antiques: from furniture to linens, to glassware and vintage jewelry. they had a huge selection of milk glass and a few jadite pieces as well. here are a few photos.

Monday, September 7, 2009

september etsy favs

i can't believe it's september already! august FLEW by. i am somewhat sad that summer is almost gone, but i love fall so i am excited for cool weather, wearing sweaters and bonfires at my in-laws house. here are my etsy favs for september:

sea foam and sparrow necklace by lulaboutique's

personalized card set by stellaandhodge's

vintage green moderntone shakers from sadieolive

pom kit by pomlove

vintage typewriter from gizmos