Sunday, September 13, 2009

bucks county antique gallery

one of my favorite places to shop on my lunch break is bucks county antique gallery. it is literally 5 minutes from where i work, so i stop in about once a week. it is a MASSIVE building that looks like an old barn, nestled in bucks county, pennsylvania... about an half hour north of philadelphia. the shop has a wide assortment of antiques: from furniture to linens, to glassware and vintage jewelry. they had a huge selection of milk glass and a few jadite pieces as well. here are a few photos.


  1. Hi, Kate! Love your blog! I found you through your Etsy shop! I am in love with the cannister set that you have on reserve for someone else! Figures! LOL!

    I think I've seen this antique shop before. Looks vaguely familiar. What town is it? I'm in Montgomery County.

  2. hi alison! thanks for your great comment. this store is just across 309 in bucks county. it's near the talking teapot off of 202.

    also, the canisters are for sale again in my shop. an international buyer didn't want to pay $70 for shipping (i don't blame here - that's a lot). let me know if you'd want them... they are fantastic!

  3. Okay, that's where I thought that antique shop was located. I've never been inside, but during my pregnancy, we drove past a few times on our way to the hospital for ultrasounds. I'll have to get in there sometime soon!

    No, I've never been to the bakery that you mentioned in a comment on my blog (thanks for stopping for a visit, by the way!) I'll have to check that out too....if I ever get to the antique shop!

    So tempting on those canisters. But with Christmas coming up, I really can't budget them in for myself at the moment. If they are meant to be for me, they'll still be there. If not, then they are meant for someone else. sigh! I truly believe that though....I was recently talked out of buying a really great milk can that was on sale for 1/2 price. I went back a month later and not only was it still there, it was still 1/2 price! Yay! It's no longer at the's in my garage waiting to adorn my front step once the front of the house gets painted!!!! It was meant to be!