Friday, October 23, 2009

office remodel

since i am now spending more time at home, i have decided to remodel/organize my office. it's been the "catch all" room since i moved in a year and a half ago. i can't find my furniture or my floor under piles of papers and art supplies. it's pretty hard to work when you can't find the desk. i am hoping to reorganize and decorate with some of my beloved jadite here and there. stay tuned for photos.

on a side note: since it's getting to be time for christmas shopping, JaditeKate is giving out a free gift with etsy orders! just type the word "christmas" in the comments box at check out and you will get that little gift.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

turquoise vs. delphite

a blogger had left me a question a while back that i thought i would answer in a new blog post. the question was, "what's the difference between Fire King's Turquoise and delphite?"

Fire King's blue glass is called Turquoise. it is a robin's egg blue color (see photo of bowls). they made this in one style, which is very plain.

Fire King also made a lighter blue-colored glass called Azurite. it is a very pale blue that almost looks white like milk glass. this glass came in 2 designs: charm (like the teacup below) and swirl.

other glass companies like McKee and Jeannette had a blue that was more of a medium purplish-blue. that is called delphite. milkglassvintage has a great example of a delphite reamer in their shop (below).

i quit my day job

yes, you read that correctly.

it was my first job out of college: working in the direct marketing branch of a massive communications firm. everyday i had an 2 hour commute, and 8 hours of sitting behind a desk in a very loud office that was practically next to the million dollar printing presses. so 3 years, 2 moves, and 1 husband later, i decided it was time for a change... i will now be working part time at my husband's office and doing etsy and freelance graphic design on the side. oh, and i am opening another etsy store soon! stay tuned for details.

quitting your day job can be scary, but with confidence, goals and a little faith, you can do it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

etsy october/fall favs

here's a list of etsy goodies that are perfect for fall:

fall assortment by cakeboxcookies

pumpkin pie fudge with graham cracker crust by joannesweet

halloween delight modelling beeswax bits by twinkleofmyeye

10 inch beeswax standard taper by onehoney... i heart beeswax!

pleated gold pillow by bstudio

pumpkin patch soap (on SALE) by bluemoutainsoaps... made right here in allentown, pa