Sunday, October 18, 2009

turquoise vs. delphite

a blogger had left me a question a while back that i thought i would answer in a new blog post. the question was, "what's the difference between Fire King's Turquoise and delphite?"

Fire King's blue glass is called Turquoise. it is a robin's egg blue color (see photo of bowls). they made this in one style, which is very plain.

Fire King also made a lighter blue-colored glass called Azurite. it is a very pale blue that almost looks white like milk glass. this glass came in 2 designs: charm (like the teacup below) and swirl.

other glass companies like McKee and Jeannette had a blue that was more of a medium purplish-blue. that is called delphite. milkglassvintage has a great example of a delphite reamer in their shop (below).


  1. This was really helpful! I recently picked up a fire-king bowl at an estate sale. Then I got confused with the fire-king/ anchor hocking labels. Its definitely blue (not as pale as the azurite- which is gorgeous by the way) but I wouldn't say its quite as turquoise/green as the first picture. Is the turquoise the only other blue that fire-king did?

    I'm addicted to your shop by the way, I'm working on quite a wish list :)

  2. I've just started collecting turquoise fire king and after reading this I started looking under delphite fire king listing on eBay (realizing people are mislabling it). But today I received some "5" delphite chili bowls" labeled "Fire King Oven Ware" on the bottom and the shape matches my other chili bowls, but the color is what I would call delphite or azurite. Do you know if the azurite line have 5" chili bowls like the turquoise line?

  3. Thank you for this post! It helped me identify a set of teardrop bowls I have!

  4. I love the Fire king Robin blue nesting bowls, what's the value in today's market?