Sunday, November 8, 2009

can't get enough canisters

one of my favorite things to collect other than jadite (but can also be jadite) is canisters. here are some i have in my kitchen. some are on display, while others are used everyday.

the jadite canister above i am saving to use in my next house (which will have green accents in the kitchen). it was made my McKee and has a beautiful script label... this is very rare. usually the label is in a capital serif font. the other thing i love about this canister is that i bought it on ebay for $39 and it's worth $160 - $175!

Jeannette also made great square and round jadite canisters that are popular right now. they are really pricey, but well worth the investment.

the trio above was given to me by my mother when i moved into my first apartment. they are reproductions of antique enamel canisters that came in a variety of colors. since my current kitchen is decorated in red, blue & white, they are perfect. they sit on my countertop i use them everyday.

the two canisters above were made by kreamer. i don't know too much about the company, but i love the design. the art deco lettering is vertically aligned, which is unusual for most canisters. they each have bakelite handes so you can open the hinged lids. i haven't been able to find too many canisters like this, so i assume they are fairly rare. there is a similar set of these in my shop here.

last but certainly not least, is my set of kromex turquoise canisters. i LOVE these! it took me quite a while to get this whole set, but i am so glad i did. they are spun aluminum with plastic-like lids. these lids were prone to cracks and stains, but this set is near perfect. there is one canister that i am missing - the cookie container - so if you find one, please let me know! i will have a few canisters like these available in my store soon.


  1. I'm on a quest for a complete set of Kromex containers for my kitchen (the black ones) and I found your post. Have you see the spice contrainers & rack?

  2. i have... thank you! unfortunately that spice rack is a little too pricey :(

    still looking for my turquoise cookie canister tho!

  3. I found your blog looking for jadeite canisters and absolutely love the pieces you collect! SO neat.

  4. I have everything in the black Kromex but the cake plate...never seen the I am in love and have to get it! GReat pic!