Tuesday, November 17, 2009

goodwill, great husband

thrift stores are highly underrated. one of my regular spots to look for vintage glass is my local goodwill. on my last visit i found this beautiful robin's-egg-blue vase. it has some small paint chips on one one side near the base, but i figure i will just turn that side towards the wall so no one will know about it (except you of course).

to make this purchase even better, my husband came home with flowers that night. he's great.


  1. Not all thrift shops are made alike, though. The Goodwill closest to me tends to have a really consistently good selection of older glassware and ceramics. But the other Goodwill stores in driving distance...just don't. It's odd.

    That vase is lovely! And given that most things at Goodwill are only $1 or $2 or so, probably a very good deal, too! :-)

  2. i agree with you... some thrift shops are lousy.

    and the vase was $.97!!! i was thrilled.

  3. I can't believe how cheap you got that for! Its really beautiful. I need to check out my local vintage shops.