Wednesday, January 13, 2010

what you love

i was pleasantly surprised to discover the movie julie & julia in my mailbox yesterday (thank you netflix). watching a movie about food is always fun. plus i enjoyed the characters' gusto for life. both enjoyed a common thing - cooking - which ultimately changed their lives.

i like to watch all aspects of a dvd, so i checked out the special feature "special ingredients: creating julie & julia". at the very end of the clip, the producer, amy robinson, made a great statement. she said she hopes the film inspires women to ask, "what do i love? and what can i do with that to make something of my life?"

my love (other than my husband, of course) is glassware. jadite, dephite, milk glass, whatever - i love it. and i wanted to share that love with others, so i opened jaditekate. and then i wanted to write about glass, so i started this blog. i am definitely no martha stewart, but i enjoy being an etsy shop owner and helping others learn the history and designs of depression glass.

i hope you find the thing that you really love.


  1. I am touched by the movie as well. I am amazed how similar we are.

    I love jewellery so I learnt and then opened a little Etsy store.

  2. I came here from Courtney's blog. I think I are really going to like it here. I especially love your photos on your last post of the year. It's so fresh and clean. Just lovely!

  3. Oh...and I adored that sweet little movie too.

  4. I just saw that movie last week:) I also Love Love Jadite:) I hope you do more post on the glassware dephite I don't know to much about that beautiful glass.Elma