Tuesday, May 18, 2010

to brimfield and back

a few months ago i blogged about wanting to go to brimfield, mass. for their antique show... well, i went! friday night, my wonderful husband drove us from pennsylvania to massachusetts, where we stayed at the hearthstone inn. we really enjoyed the quaint inn and its italian restaurant. on saturday we woke up at the crack of dawn to be at the show grounds at 7am. it really paid off, since we were some of the first people to tour the venders' tents.

i found some fantastic things...such as these reamers. i didn't buy them, but i took a photo since they are so rare. the one at the top is a McKee custard "sunkist" reamer, worth about $45. the flower shaped clear one is a "pearl" fluted reamer made by Fry, worth $65. the blue (actual color name is chalaine) "sunkist" reamer is worth $225. and last but not least, the Jennyware ultra-marine (dark green) is worth $125.

another great find were some Fire King jadite swirl dinner plates. they are exactly like the azurite swirl, but the jadite color. some people argue that these don't even exist - that's how rare they are.

i later found a lady who sold me some Fire King white restaurant ware cups and saucers (they are also super rare and i talked her down to $60 a set - such a bargain!). she told me that a few venders down from her is the "Fire King Man". my husband and i sprinted to his booth to find what i call "Fire King Heaven". this booth had so much jadite, it was overwhelming. i ended up purchasing a jadite charm soup bowl from him. that is the largest bowl in the charm set, which is hard to find.

at 1:30pm, aaron and i called it a day and treated ourselves to ben & jerrys. it was the perfect ending to a fantastic day.

if you are thinking of going to brimfield, i highly recommend it. they are having two more shows this summer. check out the details here.


  1. Oh be still my heart!! All that jadite! Glad you had such a great time and that you found some treasures!!!

  2. soooooo jealous. one of these days i'll get out there :) i might have more luck getting to CA for some antique shows though!

  3. Thanks for spreading the word about Brimfield being a great place to shop. Glad you had fun too.