Monday, June 21, 2010

shipwrecked vintage glass

while i was on vacation, i visited the bermuda underwater exploration institute. as i was walking through the museum, i was shocked to find vintage glassware in one of the exhibits. in 1943 the last american cargo ship, the constellation, wrecked off the cost of bermuda on its way to venezuela. among the artifacts found at the shipwreck were 1,840 cartons of owens-illinois co. glass.

Monday, June 14, 2010

blown glass

i just got back from vacationing in bermuda. while i was there i stopped by the dockyard glassworks. they have an assortment of blown glass... anything from plates and vases to christmas ornaments. the place is really amazing. their work is fantastic, and you can watch the glassblowers work. here is a worker finishing a flower bowl... love the colors!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

june etsy favs

happy june! here are some of my etsy favorites:

this minty-green camera is adorable. check it out at purplegracelane.

i love the vintage look of this necklace by sweetsimple.

i LOVE this ring by erinjanedesigns.

beautiful pastel yarn by fibermonster.

what a great summer bag by iragrant.

i love mckee jadite. here is a spice jar in vintagesprinkles' shop.

this sweet lamp by bootsngus is made from a tupperware jello mold!