Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cottage Carries

one new thing i wanted to add to this blog is featured artists. i am happy to introduce you to rachel harvey. she makes fun & adorable purses for her esty shop cottagecarries. here's a little more about her and her store:

Tell us a little about yourself. A little about myself...hmmm...well I went to college to study graphic design and met my husband my freshman year. We finished college together, got married, adopted a chihuahua, and had an amazing little boy. It has been an amazing seven years! And there are a lot more years to come!

What inspired you to start CottageCarries? I am one of those mommies with extra time on my hands. So I wanted to start a hobby, one that I would love and be able to do when I wasn't chasing my little boy around. And it would also be a plus if I could make some extra moolah too. So I tried painting and other hobbies, but I just was not passionate about them. My husband kept encouraging me to find that one thing that would make me happy, that one thing that I would keep doing and doing and never quit. PURSES! It just popped in my head. I started reviving vintage purses, then I was reading a purse blog and got inspired to make framed clutches. Wah-la!

Do you sell anywhere outside of Etsy? Yes, I sell my creations at local festivals and craft shows too.

You have a design background. Would you say this has helped you in making your purses? For sure! Knowing what colors work together, along with textures and prints, has definitely helped.

What is your favorite item you have made? I have a new favorite item all the time, but this week it has to be the Brownie clutch.

Do you think you will ever do items other than purses? There are sooooo many things I want to try, but I don't think I have enough space or time to do them. I do plan on making soap in the near future.

What are your goals for CottageCarries for 2011?
FESTIVALS! Lots of festivals! They are my new favorite thing to do!

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