Saturday, March 5, 2011

march etsy favs

it's that time of the year for everything green. since green is my favorite color, i had no problem quickly putting together this list of etsy favs. hope you enjoy them too!

love the shape and color of this art deco clock (i have a cream colored one like this in my shop too) from moonstruckcottage

this scrub sounds delightful and refreshing. by opheliasapothecary

really like the colored enamel on this necklace by wildwomanjewelry

cupcake liners for your st. patty's day party from cupcakesocial

this picture holds a special place in my heart. by luciusart

the pattern on this clutch is too cute. by armcandyforyou

love, love, love this vintage lamp from slofabulous


  1. thank you so much for eaturing my clutch:)

  2. such lovely selections-- and one of my favorite colors too! many thanks for including my necklace!

  3. this post is great! somebody told me i should check out this post because i just did a similar one! yours is great. feel free to check mine out at:

  4. I'm a jadite girl, you have some fabulous finds!