Sunday, June 19, 2011

frozen strawberries

one thing i love about june is strawberries. when i was younger my family would drive to a local farm to pick them and make jelly. my mom would also slice up some berries and freeze them for dessert topping. i have carried on the tradition. i still go to the same farm (which is actually around the corner from my in-laws house... such a small world) to get my berries. this year the crop is slim due to substantial rain this spring/summer. i bought a few boxes and made sliced berries. they are so ridiculously easy to make. here's how:
  • remove the stem from the berry (i used a utensil that is for scraping seeds out of peppers)
  • slice
  • put in your favorite jadite bowl
  • sprinkle with a "healthy amount" of granulated sugar (this will keep the berries sweet and preserved... without sugar the berries will taste acidic)
  • put in a plastic freezer bag
  • freeze
my strawberries don't stay in the freezer long because my husband's favorite dessert is angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. it is a great dessert for summer!

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