Friday, July 15, 2011

i heart fenton

i've never been a huge fan of Fenton glass. my grandma has a few pieces that have been in her collection for FOREVER, so i've always associated that brand as being "old lady-ish". not anymore.

last week my mom and i took a trip to one of our favorite local antique shops. almost as soon as i walked in i saw a blue Fenton hobnail planter. it was pretty much love at first sight. i had never seen one of these in blue, only their lime/jadite color. this color is fantastic - not turquoise, but not royal blue - more of a chalaine. Fenton's beautiful colors seem to forgive their frou-frou shapes.


  1. I'm not a big fan of Fenton either but this planter is beautiful...and hobnail is always a win!

  2. Its beautiful!I need your advice on a piece I have I will shoot you and email if you don't mind.

  3. hi comeca,
    not a problem. my email address is
    thanks! -kate

  4. A blog friend introduced me to your Etsy shop and I am smitten. My daughter is named Kate, I adore Jadite, and you are indeed a kindred soul.

    I just remodeled my kitchen to include a special space for my Jadite and you might be interested in seeing it. You can find it here:

    By the way, I love hobnail as much as I love Jadite, but I have never seen hobnail Jadite. Have you? I would buy it in a second if I could find it.

    Love your style, love your blog and will visit often.

  5. Oh I love it!!! Will it be in your shop?? Elma

  6. hi elma,
    no, this one isn't for sale. i like it too much :)

  7. Fenton grow on me! it is an acquired taste~

  8. Oh oh oh! If you ever do sell... it would match my jadite planter in the same style... :)