Monday, July 18, 2011

lamp goods

i've been looking for a pendant lamp for my kitchen for a while. one day i was searching etsy for a vintage lamp when i came across lamp goods, a light fixture store run by jann. i have chosen her to be my july featured seller. here is a little about jann and her shop.

Please tell us a little about yourself. I spent many of my youthful days re-creating found objects into decorative items for my room. From a beaded curtain made from paper beads to a window shade of roofing circles. Through out my young adult life, I continued my love of re-purposing objects. Upon graduation from college, I went on to be involved in the design field and achieved both regional and national recognition for my work.

How did you become interested in creating lamps/fixtures? A few years ago when I built my new house, I wanted lighting fixtures that were a 'little different' than what everyone else had or could have, so, I started creating my own. I was so pleased with them and received so many compliments, I decided to open my shop so others could have more unique lights for their home too. I think lighting fixtures are such an important part of a home. Not only for the function of but also it becomes the ‘jewelry’ of the home and can really make a statement. I believe you can totally change the 'feel' or look of a room by changing the light fixtures.

You use such beautiful globes and shades. Where do you find them? Right here in the wonderful state of Maine and on my weekly shopping sprees.

What inspires your work? I love browsing lamps in PotteryBarn, Schoolhouse Electric, decorator magazines and even a sitcom or two.

Do you have a favorite lamp/light that you have made? That’s an easy question to answer because without a doubt any light I’ve created as a one-of-a-kind lamp by using found objects is a favorite. But in general I really enjoyed creating the varies applications and looks of my canning jar light series.

Do you sell anywhere other than Etsy? If yes, where? When I knew my lights were going to be in a national magazine, I decided to venture out and create my own web-site. Its called I originally thought it wouldn’t do much after the magazine ran, but I’m happy to announce its far exceeding my expectations!

What are your goals for your shop for 2011? My goals are to show more vintage shade/globe pendants and to expand my industrial lights selection. I won’t however push aside the canning jar lights. But will be looking to design a more ‘horizontal’ fixture suited for multiple pendant lights over an island or table but needing only one electrical box.

JaditeKate readers discount: visit jann's etsy shop and receive 15% off at checkout (for a limited time) when you enter jkreaders in the coupon code section at checkout.

jann preparing a light for shop photos


  1. Hi Kate back again truly want your opinion if you wouldn't mind. I have a post up now with some pieces I want to put on eBay or a garage sale what do you think? A Jadeite pie pan (Fire king) and some milk glass. I'm not like in business to do this I just cleaned and purged and I realize these are good pieces.Thanks for your opinion ahead of time.~Meme

  2. hi meme,
    thanks for your question. i'd say ebay or etsy is your best bet to sell them publicly. they have a greater market (global) and you'll probably get more money for them than a yard sale, where people are looking for bargains. a legit fire king pie plate (the juicer saver one) goes for hundreds of dollars too!
    your other option is to sell them to a dealer/shop. i've had people email me and ask if i'd like to purchase their items. this is also a good way of making more money than a yard sale, but you have to know that the end seller still has to make a profit.
    hope that helps!

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